Bridging Biotech & AI

Current automated tissue type segmentation approaches require extensive, time-consuming manual correction, creating a bottleneck in the analysis of large MRI datasets. Recent advances in computer vision enable superior deep learning-based automated segmentation approaches. Here we present FreeBoost, a fully automated tool for segmenting gray matter and white matter in T1 brain MRI.

Meet Our Team!


Ben Kotopka

Ph.D. candidate Bioengineering

Bioengineer specializing in deep learning for predictive modeling in synthetic biology and the biosciences


Łukasz Kidziński

Ph.D. Statistics

Mathematician developing new computational methods for biosciences.


Alexander Onopa

M.Sc. Statistics

Neuroscience pipelines guru.


Owen Phillips

Ph.D. Neuroscience

35+ publications. Multimodal image analysis and methods development. Stanford GSB Igniter